Point of Contact

"POC" is the logic we display pedestrians. It means that we don't give numbers about individual people instead of "how many times one specific person is counted within in a specific time frame."

If a “unique visitor” comes back the next day (or hour with hourly analysis), the visitor has counted again.

This is the reason why you see different numbers in your daily charts and hourly charts.

For example:

On that location, you can see that we display 7.706 points of contacts on a daily analysis.

But, if you change the view to hourly charts, you see that we display more than 64.000 points of contacts on that day. Why is that? This chart is a perfect indicator that many people stay longer than 1 hour at this place, which is no surprise because this location represents the MALL OF BERLIN.

The people here are counted more than just one time. That is why we have this huge difference in the numbers between the daily view and hourly view.

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